Patient-Centered Medical Home

A Message to Our Patients,

Over the next year we will be making changes at our community health centers to improve how we care for your health care needs. We will be transforming your clinic into a Patient-Centered Medical Home.
A Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a new way of delivering healthcare

  • promotes a partnership between you, your physician and care team
  • provides accessible, coordinated, comprehensive, and continuous quality health care
  • ensures all of your preventive, acute, and chronic care needs are met
  • emphasis on efficient and timely service delivery

Your physician

  • will provide medical care that is right for you
  • will direct the care team (clinic staff) to coordinate your care

The team

  • plan for your appointment by reviewing your record and making sure all required documents are in your chart
  • make sure testing is completed, results are obtained, and you are notified of your results in a timely manner
  • follow-up on referrals; making sure appointments are kept, that specialists have information about you before your appointment, and that your physician receives the specialist’s recommendations

If you are in the hospital your care team

  • will make sure the physician seeing you in the hospital has your health information
  • will make sure you understand how to call if you have questions about your treatments or medications after discharge
  • will make sure you return for follow-up after discharge

In return, we ask that you

  •  are an active participant in your health care
  • take charge of your health by assuming responsibility for aspects of your care
  • be prepared for your appointment by bringing a list of your medications and questions
  • follow the Care Plan your team has developed for you, and let your team know when you can’t
  • call the clinic for advice before going to the Emergency Room in a non-emergent situation
  • work with the care team to learn how to self-manage your care

Our PCMH is committed to enhancing access to care by providing same day appointments, and offering expanded hours.